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Frequently Asked Questions

I submitted an online form. How long does it take to be connected to a lawyer?

The process takes anywhere from 1 to 3 business days. It tends to vary according to the volunteer lawyer’s caseload and response time.

Does MLSC have an office I could visit?

We operate remotely at the moment.

Can MLSC represent me?

We intend to bring on staff lawyers who can provide direct legal services to clients, including representation. Keep an eye out for updates from us over the coming months.

Is the MLSC affiliated with the government?

No. While the MLSC does accept funding from governmental and non-governmental sources, it is still independent of the government.

Is MLSC a charity?

At the moment, the MLSC is a federally incorporated non-profit organization. Our application to become recognized as a charity is in the works.

What are the different ways my organization can work with MLSC?

We are always looking to partner with community organizations. As an organization, you can refer clients seeking legal help to us. In addition, you are welcome to request a speaker, book us for an event and more.